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5 Overlooked Ways to Naturally Heal, Restore & Recharge Your Life

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Discover The HRR Method for Achieving Optimal Health!

In the 5 Overlooked Ways to Naturally Heal, Restore, and Recharge Your Life you will learn incredible techniques for staying healthy and functioning at your highest potential without drugs or surgery.  This quick start guide to wellness is based on the HRR Method for improving your quality of life at any age.  

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Dr. Andrea Blake

Wholistic Health Coach & Chiropractor

Dr. Andrea Blake, D.C., is the “Wholistic Health Coach” on an unrelenting mission to heal, restore and recharge lives through the healing art of what she has coined as the “HRR Method.” Dr. Andrea empowers her community as a tireless advocate, speaker and thought-leading healer.

Sharing evidence-based truths, Dr. Andrea roots for everyone on their natural health journey, standing firm on her driving principle that God has equipped all people with “life force energy.” She charges forward to deliver her message that we are innately born with everything necessary to obtain and maintain health for living at our highest expression.

It is the healing of not just our bodies but also our mindsets which Dr. Andrea strives for on her journey to heal, restore and recharge lives.

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