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dr andrea blakeCOVID-19!!! It’s at the fore-front of everybody’s mind right now and as well it should be. This is a scary time with so many uncertainties and it’s almost impossible not to become overly anxious, stressed or even depressed. 

The most important thing right now is to keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible! 

We’ve all heard the general protective measures which include; hand washing, not touching your face and keeping social distance. Let’s talk about practices that revolve around radical self-care that include your mental, your physical and your spiritual well-being.

Block Out the Noise

In order to decrease stress and anxiety during this pandemic, it is vitally important to decrease the amount of news you watch, who you listen to and what you read. 

Yes, you should watch the news and keep up with important information about COVID-19 but don’t watch it all day. Set times slots, no more than 30 minutes, for morning, afternoon and evening. 

This way you will give yourself the opportunity to listen to more positive outlets and practice self-care solutions. This practice alone will greatly decrease your stress and anxiety. 

Remember Proverbs [4:23] which reminds you to “guard your heart with all diligence!”

Adopt a Healthy State of Anxiety

Just like any emotion, anxiety is a natural and healthy emotion. The key is not letting it get so extreme that it becomes an emotional overload. 

This a life-threatening virus and in order you to be alert and vigilant, a healthy amount of anxiety is needed. 

As much as possible surround yourself with people who you feel safe enough to be vulnerable and share your feelings with. Just be sure not to get too bogged down in negative talk and outlooks. Let it out and then move on to more positive activities. 

Take a nap, watch a good comedy show or take a walk outside. 

If you are not able to connect with safe people, then this is a good time to practice journaling and getting your emotions out on paper.

Recognize the Benefits 

We have all heard the cliché, ‘there is a silver lining in every cloud,’ and that’s exactly what I am saying here! 

One silver lining is, you may have more time to finish projects that are important but you have not had time for. Another silver lining is, you may have time to self-reflect, set new intentions and re-set some personal and health care goals. 

Most importantly, this could be the perfect time to bond and reconnect with your loved ones. Take digital breaks, talk to each other, share your fears and nurture your love connections. 

This is a great opportunity to heal, restore and recharge your life!

Get Centered

With our hectic and consuming modern lifestyles, we can often find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, confused, disoriented and even exhausted. This is why I believe that getting centered is probably the greatest benefit of having down time. Your body, your mind, your heart and your soul will thank you for the opportunity. 

Take significant time out for prayer, meditation, deep breathing and napping. These practices will allow you to just relax into your body and give you a tremendous amount of clarity. Your stress and anxiety will have to decrease and your cells and immune system will strengthen. 

Last, but not least, you will feel more at peace and more empowered to weather the COVID-19 storm. 

Keep Your Immune System Boosted

Out of all your organ systems, the immune system has to be the primary focus during this unprecedented COVID-19 epidemic! 

Your immune system works through your white blood cells, your tonsils, your appendix and most of all your gastrointestinal tract. 

Next to keeping low stress levels, proper supplementation is a vital component of protecting yourself from the virus. The best supplements needed to increase immune system function should include vitamin C, zinc and natural immune boosters. 

I highly recommend Immune by Nutrametrix Isotonix because it has been clinically shown to greatly boost your immune response by absorbing directly to your cells at 100%. 

Overall, remember that this too shall pass and you will find yourself in a renewed place, feeling stronger and more determined than ever to live your life to the fullest while manifesting all your dreams! 

Your life is sacred and you can rest in the knowledge that you serve a God that loves you deeply and will protect you always. (Psalm 23)

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