The HRR Method Coaching Program

Your body is fully capable of, and innately able to heal itself.

Instead of prescriptions filled at the pharmacy, your medicine is real food, a harmonious relationship with nature, mental and emotional balance, alignment with your higher self, and allowing your God-given life force energy to flow throughout your body unobstructed.

So how do you put all this together in a way that can be easily implemented?

Well that’s what I’m here to help you do.

I created a coaching program where I personally take you through 7 powerful steps to heal, restore, and recharge your life.

Here are the main topics I will work with you on:

Embracing your Sacredness (The Key to Lasting Healing)

Embracing your sacredness is the key to true and lasting healing. In this step, you will learn the process of Sacred Awareness, in which we will focus on the 5 primary areas of your sacred self.

This understanding will help you build a strong foundation for deep inner healing, permeating your being-ness in every area of your life: physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially, financially—even your career.


It’s Time to Set Healthy Boundaries

In this step, you will learn 3 important actions to take to unapologetically make the calls and set the boundaries so your health, wellbeing and life are your top priorities. As women, true healing and restoration happens when we create a proper environment and clear our space. This step will give you tools to create your perfect healing environment.


Setting Intentions to Re-Create Your Reality Into a Life of Wholeness

You create your own reality. So no matter what has happened in your life, you can re-create a new life of profound healing, peaceful restoration, and vibrant re-charging.

With this step, you will learn the power of your creative mind and the process of creating a stronger, healthier and more vibrant version of yourself.


Emotional Weight Loss

Your feelings matter!!! Suppressed, repressed and unprocessed emotions have a negative and inflammatory effect on your central nervous system, which supplies life force energy to your body. So, it’s critically important to keep it clear of negative emotions.

With this step, you will learn Emotional Awareness to process and release emotions in a healthy way so you can shed emotional weight.


The Power of Your Alignment

Alignment over everything!!! With this step, you will learn alignment over everything. You are most powerful when you’re in alignment with God, yourself and your own personal desires.

You will learn the process of Total Alignment, and how to become one with your desires so you can deliberately create with effortless ease and grace. You’ll become immediately aware of blockages in order to allow your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life to flow.

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Self Love through Radical Self Care

In this step, you will not just use the terms self-love and self-care as clichés, but you will learn to remove blockages in yourself and in your life, which prevent you from tapping into your self-love flow.

Through this process you will gain the desire for practicing radical self-care which leads to a deeper healing on emotional, spiritual, mental and physical levels.

Level Up for Lasting Transformation

Finally, learn how to break cycles of pain and dis-ease to transform your life by avoiding pitfalls so you can become a better version of yourself. This step will allow you to heal up instead of repeating patterns. You will continuously use this tool as you embrace your freedom, growth and joy—the foundations for lasting transformation.


Day-to-Day Integration and Implementation

During this week we will review all the steps you learned in the previous weeks and further discuss how to integrate them in your day-to-day life.

Ready to take the next step?

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