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“An entire army made of lovers would be invincible.”

— Plato, Symposium

dr andrea blake“I love you!” Most of us hear and say this phrase all the time, even several times a day. We say it to our family, friends, co-workers, and associates.

The question is, what are we really saying and what do we really mean?

It’s easy for this phrase to become a cliché or just something we say out of habit, expectation or obligation.

As I am sitting here writing, I can hear Tina Turner singing, “What’s love got to do, got to do with it?” My answer to that question is, everything!!!

Love is the highest vibration and the greatest healer on the planet!! Therefore, when practiced mindfully, love can be a very powerful thing!

Mindful love is the act of loving on purpose. The ancient Greeks believed that love could be broken down into 4 categories. Let’s talk about these four types of love and how to love mindfully and on purpose in each of these areas.

Storge Love. This type of love is familial. It is the affectionate love that comes from family. This love forms the foundation of how we love in every other area in life.

Family love can be powerful and fragile at the same time because of the emotional bonds that are formed. Loving your family on purpose means allowing each family member to be and express their individuality while growing into exactly who God designed them to be.

Philia. This type of love is friendly or brotherly love. You are not meant to live this life alone and it is through authentic friendship that you will be able to love and grow past familial love.

You are loving your friend mindfully when you respect their personal values, make them a priority in your life, support their dreams and speak to them in an uplifting manner.

Eros. This type of love is between romantic partners. True Eros has nothing to do with physical attraction, but it is the attraction of one soul to another.

It is a love that evolves through constant nurturing and attention. Therefore, you are being mindfully loving to your partner when you are able to look past their flaws and love them for who they are, right where they are.

This is true fertilizer for the soul and your relationship will flourish.

Agape. This is an all-consuming, unconditional, Christ-like love.

Ephesians 3: 16-19 talks about being rooted and grounded in love…grasping how long and deep and wide is the love of Christ. It is through the love of Christ in our own hearts that we can share Agape love with every person freely.

This type of love heals and restores, it is real and pure, and every heart knows it when it feels it. We must first learn to love our selves by inviting and allowing this love into our own hearts.

As your own mind, body and soul is healed and transformed, you can then begin to pour out and share Agape love with others. This means that self-love is the key to Agape. Allow this for yourself and teach others, through the clarity or your example, how to do the same.

Loving yourself unconditionally means that you do not allow life or others to pull you out of or away from the love of Christ. Loving others mindfully with Agape love means that you love them and show them authentic love no matter their condition or circumstance in life. This is how we heal our wounds; this is how we decrease crime, and this is how become rooted and ground in love.

If we make Agape love our main goal, what a wonderful world this would be!

Love is not just a second had emotion! It is a powerful force, it is our basic human need, and helps us to expand and be fulfilled throughout life. So, go out and love today and be mindful, intentional and on purpose.

Remember, love is the highest vibration and the greatest healer on the planet!!! Let your love flow!

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  1. Vernita on March 16, 2020 at 9:48 am

    I absolutely love this post! Love is such a powerful force for healing and protection. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

    • Dr. Andrea Blake on March 23, 2020 at 2:02 pm

      Thanks Vernita! Yes, love is the most powerful and purest energy on the planet!

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